Okay what can I say about me... 

Name: Laura P. (I don't like my last name)

Stage Name: Lara Jean

Ages: In moment 15 years old

Home place: Since 2 years do I live on the Lake of Constance(Germany). I was born and grew up in the near of Dortmund(Germany).

Lanauges I speak: german,english and french (my english isn't the best but better than my french)

Favourite music artist: Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Phil Collins, Justin Timberlake and so on. I like actually everything till Justin Bieber.Sorry but I don't like his voice and he isn't sympathic.

My hobbys: reading,climbing,dancing,listen to music,surfing in internet and to be an Hooligan ( an hooligan is an Bruno Mars fan).


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